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Lecterns and Podiums

Oklahoma Sound Corp. manufactures a complete line of sound and non-sound lecterns and podiums for educational and commercial use. We also offer state-of-the-art voice amplification technology and full multimedia capability integrated into high quality cabinetry in your choice of laminates and veneers. Oklahoma Sound Corp. cabinetry is handcrafted and the steel parts are manufactured by craftsmen in our own factory.

For a Better Presentation

Lecterns and podiums are staples for many schools, committees, organizations and clubs. They make any event more formal and bring attention to the speaker for a more productive presentation. For a basic presentation without multimedia, a simple non-sound lectern or podium made of elegant wood can be used. However, with the increasing use of projectors, computers and sound amplifiers, modern-day lecterns and podiums have to be versatile and practical at the same time. Dansanna has a vast selection of computer-friendly lecterns and podiums that are made to store multimedia devices and accessories.

We also offer microphones and other sound amplifiers that can improve the quality of your presentation. Oklahoma Sound Corp. provides a comprehensive two-year guarantee on all electronic parts.

For more information about our lecterns and podiums, please contact our experts at Dansanna today.

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Lecterns & Podiums

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