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Storage cabinets, filing cabinets and gym lockers

Storage cabinets, filing cabinets and gym lockers are essential in both offices and schools. Capacity, size, practicality and looks are all very important when selecting a filing cabinet. Dansanna offers valued choices that fit your personal needs.

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Old, unpractical, gray filing cabinets are things of the past. Once standard in size and color, they are now offered in a rainbow of colors, in various sizes and designs. They even come with accessories and can be personalized with special equipment. The Lincora line of filing cabinets even provides odd-sized vertical drawers for documents that aren't standard size. If you have a small room or small storage space, the ABL and SHWAB lines of filing cabinets are ideal because they don't take up much space. Not every storage space is filled up with files and paper documents. Many other objects need storage too. Dansanna offers various sizes of storage cabinets for your odds and ends.

Scroll down and click on the name of the manufacturer's line, or on the links for description, pricing, images and technical information regarding each model.

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Filing Cabinets

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Display & Storage Cabinets

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Our selection includes:

Gym lockers and school lockers

When it comes to wear and tear, gym lockers take a beating! Dansanna has a complete line of gym lockers that offer versatility as well as robust construction. Our ALB model is completely welded to provide durability as well as clean lines. This line of gym lockers comes in groups of up to 4 lockers, with many choices for doors, shelves, hooks, tiers and colors. The Lincora line of gym lockers also offers many options and configurations with an all-welded construction. Along with these gym lockers, we have gym benches, accessories and shelves. If you have limited space, we can help you with our personalized service and custom models. Our experienced staff and competitive prices are at the heart of our success. Discover why Dansanna has been the leading provider of filing cabinets, storage cabinets and gym lockers to schools, health clubs, offices, groups and organizations for over 30 years.

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