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Schwab Series 2000 HERO Vertical Files

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2LFC-2000 (in Putty)
2 Drawer Letter

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4LFC-2000 (in Putty)
4 Drawer Letter


Gardex Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Llisted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. These elegantly styled textured-finish cabinets harmonize easily with any environment. They can even be used as space dividers. More Gardex products >>


High Security Lock

UL Class 350 Fire Rating

Explosion Tested

30 ft Impact Rating


The HERO Series 2000 Vertical fire file cabinet offers the same fire protection you have come to trust from Schwab Corp., in a compact, space-saving size. The HERO is UL Rated to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as impact and explosion tested. Available only in 2 drawer or 4 drawer models and putty in color.

Once you’ve made the wise decision to protect your business with fire resistant filing, why settle for less than the best! Since 1872 Schwab Corp. has been the leader in protecting the valuable records of businesses and residential customers world-wide. All Schwab Series 2000 HERO Vertical Files come backed by an Underwriters’ Laboratories Class 350-1 hour fire and impact resistance label.

Our Series 2000 HERO, 20” deep vertical files provide maximum filing capacity for your valuable records. Standard equipped with a key lock as well as recessed handles, the Schwab HERO vertical file is one of our most economical solutions to your record storage protection needs.

The Series 2000 HERO vertical file is available in 2- and 4- drawer models, letter size, with an attractive, glossy, smooth finish, standard putty color.

High drawer sides are a standard feature in all Series 2000 HERO files to accommodate hanging file folders. What’s more, the Schwab drawer design allows for the filing of legal size files side to side, or letter size files front to back, in the same cabinet without the need for additional costly accessories, so you get the most versatility for your filing needs!

Rated to protect your vital business records, Schwab Series 2000 HERO Fire and Impact Rated Vertical Files have been built to exceed the stringent UL label requirements for the following tests:

  • A one hour test for fire resistance in external temperatures exceeding 1700°F.
  • A 30 foot drop impact-resistance test in addition to a 1550°F fire resistance test.
  • A 2000°F explosion hazard resistance test.

All Schwab Series 2000 Vertical Fire and Impact Rated Files are UL rated to survive a fall of over 30 feet and still keep their contents safe from fire. Combined with the explosion hazard UL rating, these tests prove that the Schwab file is built to protect in the face of any disaster.

Schwab’s Insulite™ insulation is the most efficient on the market today. Thicker insulation doesn’t always mean better insulation. Insulite™ allows all Schwab files to offer features like thinner walls, lighter weight and recessed handles without compromising fire protection. This enables the Schwab design to maintain a look that is aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing its protective ability.

All fire resistant insulation requires water in order to prevent the spread of fire. Insulite™, Schwab’s trademarked air-dried insulating composite’s water is chemically bound. This means our insulation contains no free water. The competitor’s oven dried insulation has a small amount of free water, which can evaporate over time, thus losing it’s protective ability. Insulite™ contains no asbestos and NEVER dries out or loses its protective ability over time, so breathe easy—you, your vital records, and your environment are protected with a Schwab fire proof filing cabinet.

Each drawer is individually encased by its own inner steel drawer vault that not only aids in preventing dusting insulation from contaminating your records, it also helps to eliminate the spread of fire from one drawer to another. This feature also prevents entry from an unlocked compartment to a locked one. Schwab’s unique seamless design provides further protection against otherwise undetected forced entry.


Our after-the-fire free replacement guarantee lets you know that once you have made the investment in a Schwab file, we will be there even if disaster strikes. We stand behind it, and have for over a century.

Fire, Impact and Explosion Rating

The Schwab Series 2000 vertical file has met Underwriters’ Laboratories stringent requirements for the classifi cation of ‘Record Protection Equipment.’ This includes a test for fireresistance in external temperatures exceeding 1700°F for one hour, a 2000°F explosion hazard test as well
as a test to withstand the impact of a 30 ft. drop.


Only Schwab’s premium Insulite insulating composite material, in conjunction with superior manufacturing processes provides unparalleled protection against fire. Insulite, which is poured into the cavity between the steel outer wrapper, and the individual inner steel drawer jackets enables the Schwab design to maintain the same protection with less weight and wall thickness than competing brands.

Drawer Suspensions

Suspensions are sturdy and free-rolling, encased by a supportive outer track. This rugged suspension cradles each drawer allowing for smooth operation over the life of the file.

Drawer Bodies

Each Schwab vertical drawer body allows for the flexibility of accommodating A-4, Folio, Letter, or Legal Filing, without the necessity or expense of additional parts or accessories.

Drawer Heads

Drawer Heads are formed out of a single piece of steel, interlocked and welded at the corners, then poured with our premium Insulite insulation. The Schwab design, with interlocking drawer joints where the drawer head, the outer wrapper and the steel inner drawer vault meet, provides unsurpassed protection from fire.

Lock/No Lock Mechanism

This convenient mechanism allows the user to enable a drawer to stay unlocked while other drawers remain locked.

Recessed Handles

Only Schwab’s recessed handle design provides easily viewed angled label holders without sacrificing fire resistance, or requiring additional clearance for the front of the file.


Standard Color

Schwab’s standard putty color has been carefully chosen to meet the discriminating tastes of the world’s top designers and decorators.


The Schwab smooth, glossy finish gives the Schwab file a scratch, scuff and stain resistant surface, similar to that found on an upscale automobile.

Lifetime Warranty

Schwab warrants that it will repair or replace any file part manufactured by Schwab that fails in normal use as a result of defects in materials or workmanship free of charge for as long as the original registered purchaser owns the file.

Lifetime Free After-the-Fire Replacement Warranty

In the event this file is damaged by fire while in the possession of the original purchaser as shown on the warranty registration card, Schwab warrants that it will replace the file free of charge.

2LFC-2000 - 2 Drawer Letter - Fire, Impact & Explosion Rated - Specifications

4LFC-2000 - 4 Drawer Letter - Fire, Impact & Explosion Rated - Specifications


Model No. No. of Drawers Overall Dimensions Approx. Shipping Weight
2LFC-2000 2 27 9/16" H x 16 5/8" W x 20 3/8" D 210 lbs.
4LFC-2000 4 53 9/16" H x 16 5/8" W x 20 3/8" D 380 lbs.

All Class 350 letter size drawers are 10 1/4" H x 12 1/8" W x 15" D inside (1.08 cu ft)
All HERO drawers are letter size and feature high drawer sides to allow the consumer the convenient flexibility of filing legal size files side to side or letter size files front to back
Available only in Putty.



Due to fluctuating currency rates, please inquire for Canadian pricing.

Net Wholesale Price
Drop shipped directly from factory (Cannelton, Indiana)
Model Description Weight Cube Price ($US) Price ($CAN)
2LFC-2000 Series 2000 HERO Vertical File
2 Drawer Letter - fire and impact resistant
210 lbs. 5.4 $582 $---
4LFC-2000 Series 2000 HERO Vertical File
2 Drawer Letter - fire and impact resistant
380 lbs. 10.5 $878 $---

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