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Schwab Media Cooler

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Media Cooler

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Gardex Media Office Safes

GARDEX MEDIA SAFES protect valuable records from vandalism as well as fire, dust and magnetism. More Gardex safes >>



Cool, Calm, Collected, As Well As Protected

  • Larger Storage Capacity
  • More Economical
  • More Compact
  • Simple to use
  • ONLY 15lbs!
  • More theft resistant (when locked inside a standard Class 350° - 1 Hr. file)

The Little Box With a BIG Advantage

In today's rapidly advancing multimedia world, the need for protective computer media storage is a primary concern. The inside storage capacity of the Schwab Media COOLER is about 18% greater than that of similar products, but weighs 84% less. Portability and ease of use have become important issues. The Schwab Media COOLER was designed around the happenings of a modern office. Because it weighs only 15lbs, it can be easily transported by even the smallest associate. Many businesses purchase separate COOLERS for different departments, or for workers who are transferred between rotating workstations. The spring-loaded latch automatically seals the COOLER when the lid is closed, and eliminates the frustration of fumbling with separate keys or locks.

The ability to store the COOLER inside a safe or file offers unparalleled protection. This combination provides superior security when compared to a stand-alone model, which is more susceptible to theft. The COOLER's smaller exterior dimensions allow two Media COOLERS to be placed in a standard Schwab Series 5000 vertical insulated file drawer, and a Series 5000 lateral file drawer can hold up to three COOLERS. When Schwab's Media COOLER is stored in a standard Class 350° - 1 Hr. insulated file, it will maintain the necessary environment for media (below 125° and not above 80% humidity) and cannot be accessed without damaging the safe or file in which it is secured.

Other media storage products cannot fit in most standard files. Because of their weight, (75lbs!), they are not as portable and also not easily stored in a large safe or file; therefore these products are more vulnerable to theft.

When you consider your media protection requirements, and today's office environment, the Little Box has a BIG advantage.



Model No. Color Overall Dimensions Inside Dimensions Approx. Shipping Weight
MCOOLER Gray 10" H x 12 1/4" W x 10" D 6 5/8" H x 8 3/4" W x 6 1/2" D 15lbs (6.80 kg)

Maximum Capacities

Media Type Capacity Media Type Capacity
Microfilm 16 DLT Tapes (TK85) 10
Microfiche 800 Compact Disks 20
1/4" Tape Cassettes 24 DVDs 20
3480 Cartridges 12 8mm 32
5 1/4" Diskettes 96 4mm 40
3 1/2" Diskettes 90 Zip 28
1/4" Tape Cartridges 12 Jaz 9


Due to fluctuating currency rates, please inquire for Canadian pricing.

Net Wholesale Price
Drop shipped directly from factory (Cannelton, Indiana)
Model Description Weight Cube Price ($US) Price ($CAN)
MCOOLER 125° removable computer media storage insert for use in Schwab's class 350° file drawers, record safes, and record cabinets. 15 lbs 0.7 $279.00 $---


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