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Rampart Office Paneling Systems - Variations Plus

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Design your office space to reflect your changing needs for efficiency, elegance, and functionality.

Variations Plus is a fully integrated office system with a complete range of components and accessories that can be easily set up and quickly reconfigured. Work surfaces and countertops are finished in high-or low-pressure laminates with PVC or post-formed edges. Keyboard platforms can be retracted or articulated. Modular flipper-door cabinets and open shelves are conveniently suspended from panels. Metal filing centers and laminated or steel pedestals organize your paperwork.

This system offers a wide choice of acoustical and glazed panel sizes and designs. Panels are interchangeable and will support different storage components. Panel-to-panel connectors join quickly and precisely to give a clean, smooth appearance, without the addition of extra parts. Sturdy metal panel frames create the rigidity and support for a complete range of suspended storage and work surfaces.

Glazed panels are available in full and half glazed, straight or radiused configurations. Extension panels are available in rectangular or trapezoidal shapes with acoustical or glazed construction.

A large electric raceway at floor level provides the space needed for present electrical and communication cabling with ample room for growth. Panels with base raceway have a semi-rigid cover (PVC) available in trim color. They allow direct plug in of telephone, computer and other electrical equipment without removal of pieces or opening the raceway cover.


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