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Oklahoma Sound - Non-Sound Lecterns

For immediate response to questions, please email us or call TOLL FREE: 1-888-633-4234

We offer non-amplifier-equipped versions of our sound lecterns, as well as acrylic lecterns, audio-visual carts, and portable speaker stands.

Click on item below to see detailed pictures, descriptions, colours, pricing, and ordering information:

Table-Top Lectern and Audiovisual Cart
22 Table-Top & 112 A/V Cart

Full Floor Lectern
222 Full Floor

Premier Lectern
501 Premier

Aristocrat Lectern
600/60 Aristocrat

Orator Lectern
810 Orator

400 Series Acrylic Lecterns
400 Series Acrylic

Adjustable Speaker Stand
70 Adjustable Speaker Stand

Veneer Radius Speaker Stand
75 Veneer Radius Speaker Stand

910 Veneer Table-Top Lectern
910 Veneer Table-Top

Smart Cart Lectern
SCL Smart Cart


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