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Oklahoma Sound - Microphones and Accessories

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Due to fluctuating currency rates, please inquire for Canadian pricing.

Wireless Conversion Kits

Convert any of our lecterns into wireless with these state-of-the-art wireless microphone kits. Simply plug the receiver into your lectern, attach the antenna into the transmitter microphone, and move freely 50 - 200 ft from the lectern!

Model Colour Weight Price ($US) Price ($CAN)

WM-100H Wired-Wireless Microphone System
Attach 14' cable to use as a wired microphone, or go wireless up to 50 ft. away! Includes transmitter and receiver station. Self-contained in an attractive carrying case. Uses one AA and AAA battery (included).

Frequency Range: 111-115 MHz

Black 3 lbs. $107 $---

WM-200H Dual Hand-Held Microphone System
This wireless microphone system offers freedom of movement for two people, karaoke- or speaker/audience participation style. Clear sound up to 200 ft. Receiver operates on 11V AC. Each microphone transmitter needs a 9V battery (not included).

Frequency Range: Mic A 57-59 MHz, Mic B 61-63 MHz

Black 4 lbs. Discontinued

WM-190TC Tie-Clip Lavalier Microphone System
Pocket-size transmitter and receiver with a clip-on microphone offer freedom of movement up to 200 ft. Uses two 9V batteries (not included). Includes belt clip and necessary cables. Select channel A or B to eliminate outside frequency interruption.

Frequency Range: Channel A 171.105 MHz, Channel B 171.845 MHz

Black 1 lbs. $233 $---

Wireless Microphones

Image Model # Colour Weight Price ($US) Price ($CAN)

LWM-5 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $143 $---

LWM-6 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $107 $---

LWM-7 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $128 $---

PRA-5 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $133 $---

PRA-6 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $97 $---

PRA-7 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $128 $---

PWM90-5 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $133 $---

PWM90-6 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $97 $---

PWM90-7 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $21 $---

PWM95-5 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $133 $---

PWM95-6 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $97 $---

PWM95-7 Wireless Mic
Black 3 lbs. $21 $---

Wired Microphones

Model Colour Weight Price ($US) Price ($CAN)

MIC-1 Electret Condenser Microphone
Metallic look handheld unidirectional electret condenser mic has 9' cable for freedom of movement. Frequency and sensitivity match all OSC lecterns.

Leather / Black 1 lbs. $55 $---

MIC-2 Dynamic Unidirectional Microphone
Metallic look dynamic unidirectional handheld microphone has 9' cable and operates on most OSC lecterns and other equipment.

Leather / Black 1 lbs. $55 $---

MIC-3 Tie-Clip Microphone Electret Condenser
Lapel style electret condenser microphone comes with clip to connect to your tie, collar, shirt or blouse. 10' cable for hands-free maneuverability.

Black 1 lbs. $45 $---

MIC-X 20' Microphone Extension Cable
Black 1 lbs. $17 $---


Model Colour Weight Price ($US) Price ($CAN)

300 Auxiliary Speaker Cabinet
Double and triple your sound range from any OSC lectern. Ideal for transmission of sound to separate rooms. Features two 8" full range speakers with 35' cable and connecting hardware. Cabinet is 23"H x 14"W x 8"D, in walnut or medium oak laminate. Mounted on black 1 1/4" base.

Walnut, Medium Oak 28 lbs. $192 $---

MH Microphone Holder
Universal size black microphone holder fits most standard microphones. 5/8" ID connector screws onto gooseneck. Slide microphone into clip.

Black 1 lbs. $7 $---

SM Shock Mount Microphone Holder
Exclusive designed microphone holder screws onto gooseneck. Built-in acoustic feedback eliminating feature.

Black 1 lbs. $29 $---


GSN 13" Gooseneck Assembly
13" flexible gooseneck arm. Choose from black or chrome. Includes mount with three screws.

Black / Chrome 1 lbs. $27 $---
Black / Chrome (Factory Installed) $47 $---

YC Y Connector

1 lbs. $20 $---

FRL Fluorescent Reading Light
Under-the-counter design fluorescent reading light with on-off switch. Swivels on hinges to provide light to your presentation materials. For Model 501.

White (Factory Installed) 3 lbs. $93 $---

BRL Brass Reading Light
Attractive brass reading lamp with on/off switch. Available with brass clip to connect to your reading surface, or factory installed. Operates on 117V AC. .25W bulb included.

Brass 1 lbs. $49 $---
Brass (Factory Installed) $79 $---

PS12V Rechargeable Battery
Connect this 12V rechargeable battery pack with included cable to any of our lecterns for battery power. 20 hour life. Lecterns recharge battery overnight.

Black 5 lbs. $105 $---


2CS Caster Kit
Set of four casters. For Model 222.

Black 2 lbs. $18 $---

PRA-TRD Aluminum Tripod
Tripod for mounting Model 6000/7000 PA systems.

Black 8 lbs. $71 $---

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