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MGM Class 2 Plate Burglary Tool Resistant Safe

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Model Class 2 Plate

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Available Options

  • Electronic or 4-wheel combination lock.
  • Second electronic or mechanical lock (for safes 20-5/8" high inside and up).
  • Timelock (for safes 35" high inside and up).
  • Complete inner wiring of alarm components.
  • Anchoring holes (1, 2 or 4 holes).
  • Shelf (adjustable or fixed).
  • Special interior (as per customer needs).
  • Recessed coin racks.

Class 2 Plate Tool Resistant Safe

Type: Steel plate safe.

Certification: manufacturer certified.

Protection: 15 minutes door protection against common hand or picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinders, drills and pressure devices.

Body Construction: 1/2" thick high tensile steel.

Door Construction: 1" thick laminated high tensile steel.

Boltwork: safes 11-3/8" to 20-1/2" high inside: 2 plated steel locking bolts (Ø1").

safes higher than 20-1/2" inside: 3 to 7 plated steel locking bolts (Ø1-3/8").

As a delaying tactic, our ingenious boltwork design makes multiple attacks necessary. In fact, attacking and forcing one bolt will drive all the other locking bolts in the opposite direction, making further attacks even more difficult.

Standard Lock: One (1) Group 2 S&G 6730 3-wheel combination lock with spy-proof dial.

Minimum Inside Dimensions: 11-5/8" high x 13" wide.


  • Highly efficient bolt detent system that keeps the bolts retracted when the door is opened and engages them automatically when the door is closed.
  • Superior quality relockers.
  • Drill resistant hard plate.
  • Stainless steel push plates (for safes 19-5/8" high inside and up).
  • One (1) Ø1/4" alarm hole.



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