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COSCO Samsonite - Colour Chart

NB: Not all items are available in all colors.

Table Colours

PTS - Taupe Speckle & Pewter Frame

ECB - Ecru (molded) & Bronze Frame

PTS - Black Vinyl & Chrome Frame

NWG - Neutral Wood Grain
(Medium Cherry)

DWG - Dark Wood Grain

TAP - Taupe Vinyl & Taupe Frame

005 - Black Vinyl & Black Frame



Children's Sets

RYB - Primary Blue
(table only)

PYW - Primary Yellow
(chairs only)

PYR - Primary Red
(chairs only)

PGY - Green




PRC - Red Resin, Chrome Frame

PBC - Blue Resin, Chrome Frame

CBL - Black Resin, Chrome Frame

BGC - Burgundy Resin, Chrome Frame

NVC - Navy Resin, Chrome Frame

CBL - Black Vinyl, Chrome Frame

MMB - Matchmaker Burgundy Fabric, Black Frame

MMN - Matchmaker Navy Fabric, Black Frame

MMG - Matchmaker Gray Fabric, Black Frame

MMB - Matchmake Burgundy Fabric, Chrome Frame

MMN - Matchmake Navy Fabric, Chrome Frame

MMG - Matchmake Gray Fabric, Chrome Frame

KNB - Kinnear Black Fabric, Black Frame

KNG - Kinnear Gray Fabric, Gray Frame

KNT - Kinnear Taupe Fabric, Taupe Frame

005 - Black Vinyl, Black Frame

CLG - Cool Gray Vinyl, Gray Frame

TAP -Taupe Vinyl, Taupe Frame

WSP - White Resin, Pewter Frame

ECB - Ecru Resin, Bronze Frame

PTS - Taupe Speck Resin, Pewter Frame

CVB - Cavallaro Black Fabric, Black Frame

CVG - Cavallaro Gray Fabric, Gray Frame

CVT - Cavallaro Taupe Fabric, Taupe Frame

NTC - Chocolate Resin, Neutral Frame

WHT - White Resin, White Frame

CLG - Cool Gray

005 - Black

TAP - Taupe

DGR - Dark Gray


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