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Metal Finishes

Powder Finishes

Chairtex's standard powder coated finishes are as durable as they are beautiful. They were specially selected to enhance the look of all our upholstered chairs and to complement our vast collection of upholstery material.

Chairtex's powder coatings are environmentally friendly and are designed to help preserve our planet as well as to provide a beautiful finish.

If a color you are looking for is not in our standard range, please inquire. We can provide custom colors in any hue or shade to fulfill your vision.

Plated Finishes

Brite chrome, brushed chrome , antique brass, antique copper, satin brass, satin copper, brite brass and brite copper plated finishes are also available.

Please note that you are viewing digital samples. There may be a minor variation to the actual color.

Metal Finishes

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