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Calfolia - Artistic and Preserved Plants and Trees

Artistic Plants & TreesPreserved Plants & Trees
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Since the infancy of the "silk plant" industry, Calfolia has been working to bring art and nature together, creating for you the world's finest line of handmade botanical reproductions.

Beginning in the 1970s Calfolia pioneered the use of fabric foliage on natural wood, and has since advanced this technique to a level yet unprecedented in the field. Calfolia's artisans use materials from around the globe to interpret nature and give you lasting botanical beauty, custom designed and unique in the world.

The most beautiful artistic plants in North America and abroad

Our life-like plants and trees are artistic botanical reproductions. Each of them is unique. We use man-made foliage on real tree-trunks that we import from all over the world. Our reproductions come in various sizes ranging from Bonsaïs to 30 foot trees. Our plants are playing an increasingly important role in interior environmental designs, for commercial spaces as well as residential.

Plants, plants and more plants

Calfolia offers the best quality and selection of plants in North America. If you want selection, you will find it at Calfolia. Choices of size, colours, and styles are astounding. Mexican palm bases and agaves, Brazilian dracena, Japanese ghostwood... we have them all at Calfolia.

Naturally-preserved botanical beauty

We now have the largest collection of naturally-preserved plants and trees in the world.These plants have been internally treated as to no longer need light or water. We use state-of-the-art technology to preserve the specimen. The plant maintains its natural shape, colour and size for years of naturally-preserved botanical beauty!

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