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Duravault TL15 High Security Safe

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Model DV200



Highly efficient bolt detent system that keeps the bolts retracted when the door is opened and engages them automatically when the door is closed. More MGM safes >>

Gardex TL15
Gardex Fire & Burglary Class 2 (TL15)

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U.L. Listed TL15 High Security Burglary and Fire Resistant Safe

The Duravault TL15 offers the ultimate in TL15 security. With it's 3.5" thick body and 4" thick door comprised of the latest generation of high strength alloys, combined with our proprietary barrier material, the Duravault is a burglar's worst nightmare. In order to achieve the highest quality and level of security, the bolt mechanism as well as its inner and outer plates are laser cut and formed for the highest degree of accuracy.

Add to these strengths our anti-penetration grid and sophisticated glass relocking system for the best TL15 safe, guaranteed!

Body: The Duravault has a total body thickness of 3 1/2". All six sides of the safe are shielded by our proprietary barrier matrix enclosed within a high strength steel form.

Door: The door has a thickness of 4", made from the same high strength alloys and proprietary barrier material used for the body of the safe.

Locks: The Duravault features a U.L. listed manipulation-resistant high security combination lock with spy-proof dial. It is also prepped to accept an optional, high security auxiliary key lock.

Boltwork: Massive 1 1/2" diameter high tensile chromed steel bolts interlock within reinforced bolt chambers.

Glass Relockers: A sophisticated tempered glass relock trigger activates multiple independent locking systems to protect against attack.

Hinges: High quality adjustable ball-bearing hinges provide years of dependable service.

Bolt-Down Provisions: The Duravault includes a counter-sunk anchor hole for bolting the safe securely to the floor.

Adjustable Shelves: All models are supplied with fully adjustable shelves.

Available Options

  • U.L. listed electronic digital locks
  • Time locks
  • Inner compartment locks


Specifications and Pricing

FOB Factory - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Drop ship direct from factory
Model # Interior Dimensions (in) Exterior Dimensions (in) Capacity Weight Price
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth ft3 (litres) lbs. (kg) $CAN $US
DV200 19 12.5 12 26 19.5 20.5 1.7 755 $1,997 $1,997
DV250 19 18.5 18 26 25.5 26.5 3.7 1,110 $2,212 $2,212
DV350 30 18.5 18 37 25.5 26.5 5.8 1,430 $2,566 $2,566
DV550 45 20.5 21 52 27.5 29.5 11.2 2,135 $3,219 $3,219

Swing Door Dimensions

Model # A B

* add two inches to outside depth for handle and hinges

DV200 35 38
DV250 47 50
DV350 35 38
DV550 50.5 54.5

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