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Gardex Fireproof Filing Cabinets

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Key-operated plunger lock system. Standard on all our models, this system secures all drawers.
Selective locking system permits locking any combination of 1 to 4 drawers while leaving the balance unlocked.
Gard-Lite insulation, an exclusive Gardex® process.
Inner steel jacket, to keep insulation locked in and prevent access to a locked drawer from an unlocked compartment.
Independent insulation surrounds each drawer, making it independently fire-resistant. Should one drawer be left open, the others will remain fully protected.
Suspension system allowing drawers to roll freely. Lateral files are also with a three-arm SwayGard system.
Elegant, modern and very durable handles.
Rust-resistant textured finish.

Gardex® Filing Cabinets

Unrivaled quality and technique!

Gardex filing cabinets are quipped to handle legal, letter and A4 (european) size.

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